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gyul yahh


Posted on 2012.06.17 at 11:16

A very important gif for your birthday!!!

gyul yahh


Posted on 2012.05.12 at 00:03

So, megamisama_ann, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 67% unique (blame, for example, your interest in yabu~ xd), 0% peculiar, 33% interesting, 0% normal and 0% herdlike. When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 73

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 94% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

sho smirk

(another) oh-chan bday + exam XD

Posted on 2011.11.26 at 06:00
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
ahhh...finally finished exam..no matter how hard it was, it's still relieving..

..it's finally friday, Happy birthday Oh-chan!!!

You've been leading ARASHI for more than 10 years, spending amazing years with guys and fans!

Happy bornday!!!

I lost my word, I'd better post some random gif ..

Once again - Happy birthday to yoooou!!!

gyul yahh

Happy (early) Birthday Jun-kun!!

Posted on 2011.08.29 at 16:53
Since I will go to Grandparents' house about tomorrow, I should have just post this (whateva) entry for The King Matsumoto! lol


Wish you all the best things, blessing things, together with Arashi and fans, lets make a bog stooorm!!!


gyul yahh

ujian cvs (lagi)

Posted on 2011.08.03 at 08:52
ini apa sih malah main ke livejournal, besok mau ujian!!


ni udah puasa arashi seminggu loh er...-_-
hebat gak gue?HAHAHAHA

Laptop nyala, tinggal buka, tapi kagak nonton video apa-apa,hahaha

ya maklumlah, otak pas-pasan ,jadi banyak penyesuain, hahaha


*pergi belajar*

gyul yahh


Posted on 2011.05.13 at 17:47
A week ago,I came to Gathering with any Arashi fans here. hahaha. That was lots of fun! I personally hope, more people will come for another gathering! Each of your are a family of mine,hihi...^^

I'm gonna post some pictures, sorry for those bad expressions,hahaa


Another pic..


I will work harder for my study right now, hahahah

gyul yahh


Posted on 2011.04.30 at 12:52
Internet seems awful today. I can't download any of mediafire nor megaupload,don't know why..and also counting days for final exam urinary system...

So i just upload some Kara pics here,hehehe
Karashi!Karashi!For dreaaaam..LOLL

Kara was 4 members before..but Sunghee left due to exam..ah. can't really tell..mmm..she's getting married by the way ^0^

So, Jiyoung and Hara replaced her. Here it is...5 members!

That's pretty girl time ^^
Hitori chan's first impression,kekeke

'Honey' ages...aww...pretty <3

Wanna! My first favorite song from them^^

And yeah, it may everyone's favorite,lol

Lupin! I love the hole back, btw...hehe


Ah...i'm so in love to them..*ah, am i sound like a fanboy,eh?hhe*
KARA ganbatte! Jara jjang!!

gyul yahh

Random xD

Posted on 2011.04.26 at 20:36
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Here's my mistakes for this whole long block.

Firstly, i was always sleepy everytime i'd like to move to another page for reading.

Secondly, my pray was like a damn dustbin..i feel like guilty and unforgiven person.

Thirdly, since my CVS block got super bad score, i need to work extremly hard to read these and those materials about core.And i didn't read any of its!

Mom, dad...forgive me..
My Arashian fellows, i love you all.

btw, Mr. e is our supervisor for Skill lab today ^0^
Kinda happy since he's a handsome surgeon one.heheheh :)

gyul yahh
Posted on 2011.04.22 at 20:18
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
First of all, my english isn't good at all. These are the best thing i can do...

I'm not boring at all, but i don't have many things to do for these 4 days either,lol ^0^, well..reading some materials for my own sake future sometimes,hahah
My money isn't much at all, i'm super poor.LMAO.So, i'm only go to some nice websites, feeding my fangirlish side,hahah.
Even if i have some, i  may just save it for my long holiday for last semester (hope everything will be okay, so that i can enjoy my holiday happily ><)

It's super hard and painful for being Jpop newbie here. Nobody knows your taste. Nobody's understand. Everybody looks down on you. It seems you have no friends. While your friends are busy-ing hunting some men for dating (rofl), confusing why being single, you're the only who's deal with your single state and never ask for having a partner fastly..

Truthfully, it's so annoying to see. My friend was jpop biased, right after she had a boyfriend (oh yes, already broke up xD), she became one of them. Those 'missing' love girls'. uh!

I miss her shouting at her ichiban, being uproar while watching hers shirtless, and keep talking about how Jpop improve with me..

I wish my friend will be healthy soon as her before! PLEASE!!


gyul yahh

Finally finally

Posted on 2011.04.22 at 19:18
Current Mood: determineddetermined
It's finally full account.., it was connected by my twitter firstly..

Will explore LJ from now on,hehe

by the way, happy kartini day! :)

Goo Hara from KARA!
Kawaiii ><